Garrett originally hails from just off the highway in
Bethel Springs, Tennessee, a town where the signs
boast “1,000 Happy Citizens”. After high school, he
studied painting, drawing and sculpture at The School
of the Art Institute of Chicago. This was followed by a
digital media degree from Otis College of Art and Design
in Los Angeles. Garrett has worked as an animator and
visual effects artist on film, TV, commercial, music video
and video game projects including Halo 3, True Blood,
Californication, The Sarah Connor Chronicles and CSI.

Garrett’s primary interests are still painting, drawing and
sculpture, although his toolkit has expanded to include
those computer programs utilized primarily in film and
advertising. The emphasis of his work rests less on
the medium itself or the fantastical, which are typical
hallmarks of digital art, than on the humanity and
suggested context of the figures he renders. While the
figures are based on no particular, live subjects, Garrett
intends to let them stand objectively for the people
they represent.

He currently resides in New York.